Introducing NFT Evolutions on Twetch

Twetch is a web3 social network built on Bitcoin. Every post is archived on the blockchain and users earn from interactions with their posts.

Introducing NFT Evolutions on Twetch

One small step for Twetch, one giant step for frogkind. Today @frogcartelnft will be launching the vaccine evolutions user experience on Frog Cartel is one of many NFT collections that uses Twetch Inc's technology. This is the first time and Twetch Wallet have been used for upgrading NFTs.

Let's get you up to speed

In March 2022, Frog Cartel NFT holders were airdropped a LizerCorp Vaxxx 1:1 to their Twetch Wallet. Now NFT holders get to be apart of a truly game changing experience. Users will be able to take their chances at vaxxing their Frog Cartel NFTs and either mutate (35% chance), kill (15%), or remain unchanged (50%). Every time a LizerVaxxx NFT is used, it is permanently burnt. For every death or mutation, that original Frog Cartel NFT is burnt forever. Very rare scenarios developing here...

This is a big deal

Why? Well the Twetch team has spent the last few months developing new smart contract technology, signing methods, and getting creative with the game mechanics that can apply here. Now any NFT that uses Twetch technology can implement evolutions features for their NFTs! We are focused on building the foundation to what will be the new wave of games, collectibles, social networks, contracts, and the internet.

Twetch Wallet now supports signing messages to authenticate into apps and websites. We also now can interact with different forms of smart contracts.

Coming soon

Yes, this does in fact confirm what we all have been wondering... You can use multiple slurp juices on a single ape. In fact, there is a rumor going around that on Slurptember 11th this dream becomes reality.

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Be on the look out for NFT evolutions on Twetch and Rare Candy marketplaces!