Updates to Planetary NFT Mints

Updates to Planetary NFT Mints

Things are about to get real comfy around here 😮‍💨

NFTs with the 'Planetary' prefix are NFTs that Twetch uses to test our minting system and marketplace.

In order to test the system in production we have to test live on the blockchain. This means we upload the NFT images to the chain.

Sometimes people find these test mints and buy them, or find them on chain and discuss it. In the past there has been a lot of mystery around them.

Our recent test mint was Planetary Buttons. Only internal people knew about it because we were using it to test our system, so it never went live on Twetch Market or Rare Candy after testing.

But then somebody found the images on the blockchain and posted them on Relayx for sale.

So now I gotta go full death con 3 on you bastards.

Planetary Buttons ripped from the blockchain and minted on Relayx

From now on WE DO IT LIVE. We will be putting all future test/ Planetary NFTs on Twetch Market.

To keep shit as fair as possible I will post out a link from twetch.com/u/0 when a test mint is live to give everyone a shot to get some.

Make sure you follow @0 and keep an eye out for these random mints.

Since you've come this far with me I have a secret to tell you. We will be doing a planetary test mint to prepare for the upcoming Comfy launch sometime very soon. I don't know when, all I know is it's coming.

Make sure you mint some Comfy Sweatpants this Wednesday November 2nd at 2:22pm EST. All proceeds will go directly to creating a brighter future for you and your families 🙏🌟