The World's Comfiest NFT

The World's Comfiest NFT
Twetch will launch comfy sweatpants NFT today on at 222pm ET

Comfy season has officially arrived. Twetch is back at it again, this time putting something extra comfy on the  blockchain.

I am talking world class comfy. Not this weak discount pretend comfy. High quality comfy threads for you and your family. Shipping worldwide, in sizes S, M, L, XL and 2XL (for those who need to be extra comfy of course).

Run it back turbo

Not once, not twice, but thrice. First it was Twetch Rare Hats, then it was Twetch Cozy Hoodies, now we have to run it back one more time to keep those legs warm this winter. Twetch Comfy Sweatpants™️.                      

If minting Comfy Sweatpants is anything like the first two generative streetwear concepts we have launched - You will be feeling very comfy with your purchase. Take a look at the numbers:‌                                                                

How do I purchase the Comfy Sweatpants?

  1. Create a Twetch account at
  2. Sign up for to purchase BSV with USD or swap crypto for BSV using or
  3. Top up your wallet with at least 5 BSV
  4. Get ready for the big launch! Mint will happen 222pm ET on

What's next?

Keep an eye out for a very rare comfy+cozy surprise for all those who hold both the Comfy Sweatpants and the Cozy Hoody - we will be doing something special for you 😘