Business and Profit

Business and Profit

How trade and Bitcoin improve society.

Doing business purely on a money making basis is insecure business. There must be regular and voluntary exchange for value-added services between a business and a customer. This is the primary measure of doing business. Entrepreneurship and trade begins with the virtue of a human using their mind to provide a creative solution to another person. The goal is to benefit one another, thereby improving the general quality of life around you.

“Businesses that grow by development and improvement do not die.” — Henry Ford

It is the function of business to produce for consumption and not speculation. Though it is true a business may speculate on the future needs of customers, it is only a subset of the business function as an organization of creators. A business must serve the people, not merely the producer, or it will fail (no matter how much capital it has accrued or indebted itself with). When a business is overly speculative and extracts value without providing value in return, the customer will eventually wake up and leave that service for a competitor.

Shareholders who simply aim to increase the price of the stock and sell it as soon as possible are not acceptable partners in business. Shareholders should be active in the business by providing services and continually reinvest profits back into the business. Dividends, if any, should be small and far apart. If your business needs to adjust its finances — abolish dividends before cutting wage.

Despite the modern Wall Street and Silicon Valley trend of basing business on usury and Rube Goldberg type service offerings, the principles for operating a business are quite simple:

  • Profit seeking is a moral behavior by which one person increases another’s quality of life
  • Using more energy than necessary is wasteful
  • Wastefulness is a behavior that does not offer the most possible long-term profit
  • Distribute your products and services to the most possible people at a minimum profit
  • Total profit is based on the volume of distribution
  • Distribute the maximum of wage so that your business has a natural resonance with buying power
  • The more connected people are to you and your business the better overall quality of existence

A corporation’s responsibility to do good can be defined as its increase in standard of living of employees and customers. Furthermore, a business can do the most amount of good when the customer is also the employee. It is why you make cars your shop janitor can afford from his working wage. This improves the janitor’s quality of life and in return secures self interest in the further success of the business.

Money is a measure for progress. Charging money is a necessity and all those who wish to remove the concept of money do not aim to contribute to the overall progress of humanity, but rather control it. The end goal of having more money is not to retire on a yacht and puff cigars, but to reinvest into production and continually increase quality of life. In neither business nor nature is there such room for idle or retired behaviors outside of death.

Our present system of money is unsatisfying for exchange and long-term property holdings. Fiat money is politically volatile. Something John Nash elegantly laid out and eventually died for. More so than ever, politicians are arguing not over how they can reduce debt and government spending, but rather how much they can increase it. There is no difference whether a Democrat or Republican wins. They are both looters. They assume their power of your freedom and property by designating themselves the owners of the economy we create. Ultimately, companies who seek fiat money as their unit of account in trade are surrendering themselves as a political tool to the social justice flavor of the week.

Good money is the solution. By holding Bitcoin as company property and seeking it through trade, you are taking steps to move the system from a foundation of sand to one of stone. There is no objective standard in which the Government enforced fiat money stands on, leaving it vulnerable to corruption and control. Government institutions, or rather enforcers, such as the IRS or Federal Reserve, block and extract value from exchanges between individuals and businesses. Those who are closest to the printing of the fiat money have the advantage of hoarding the money and redistributing it according to their political agenda to further their control on the general population. Bitcoin’s Proof-of-work system solves this.

Bitcoin is superior money in that it allows the most amount of people to trade with each other without interference and at a reduced overall cost to the participants. The average person has so little and the cost of goods only increases through taxation and inflation of national currencies.

Bitcoin and its ability to do micro-transactions at the speed of light greatly reduces the barrier to earn and trade, resulting in an increase of overall earnings per individual. It is important that entrepreneurs choose the correct unit of account for doing business in ahead of time so that they benefit the most from the overall growth of said money. As of today, Bitcoin is the most sound choice as it offers the most accurate and uncorrupted measure of progress.